Opening: Thursday 16 May | 7 pm
16 May - 8 June

In a sentence “simple prepositions” are short words that are used to define a relation between nouns and pronouns, or even connect two parts of the speech. Simple prepositions establish relationships of time, location, possession, manner, and so on. They give meaning and shape to all the connections between things, between people and both. At, in, on, by, to, for, from, since, until, through, towards, between, with, over, under, into, onto…

The exhibition features several works realized by Andrea Romano (Milan, 1984) between 2019 and 2024. On-wall works in which different subjects coexist as items on the same level. A series of photos taken over the years (the pictures of his ephemeral artworks, ancient fake flowers, a solar eclipse, a crowd occupying an abandoned tower and a glimpse of a hotel room) are the backdrop for graphite or sanguine drawings depicting unusual presences and words we are not given to know and that we can only sense.
Through transparencies, shadows and reflections, Romano deployes and tries to distort every resistance, distance of time and hierarchy between the subjects. It is up to us to establish unity or not and to look at the different layers within each works, either simultaneously or separately. Romano employs and rewards his closest material such as his personal memories and his own path as an artist (as if the two things could be separated!) as matter to measure his fragmentation or unity with the world and question about the notions of fate, identity and self affirmation.


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image: Andrea Romano

Andrea Romano | Simple Preposition Oslo