Andrea Sala

"I have always been inspired by the traditional aesthetic and the XIX Century’s avant-gardes focusing on the essence of shapes and on the use of traditional techniques applied to industrial materials and vice versa. 

The selection of materials plays a fundamental role in my practice: I carefully choose them because of the intrinsic characteristic of each matter, which may change during the production process. The process itself is for me a narration, enigmatic yet manifested. This attitude allows me to overcome the completeness of the initial source of inspiration to make works “corrupted” by various influences. 

I continue to investigate the world of industrial products, where the function of objects is gradually lost because of the disengaging effect of the artistic process, but I am also taken by the man’s attitude in living his spaces and his relation to objects. Over the years my obsessive and scrupulous dissection of the world of things has allowed me to create a personal alphabet of forms further and further away from the initial references yet, in a distorted way, still familiar."

Andrea Sala





Andrea Sala, Sul Guardare Atto 3



Special projects

Andrea Sala, Sul Guardare - Atto 3, 2024, XNL Piacenza

XNL Arte presents the solo exhibition by Andrea Sala (Como, 1976), an Italian artist who has developed professionally between Italy and Canada, whose sculptures reflect an interest in design culture and research on processes stemming from the fascinati