Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli

Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli practice is mainly project-oriented, developing from researches and theoretical elements, originally collected in writings and formulas, acted then in a wide range of media, each time different, chosen with regard of the specificity of each different founding work idea, resulting in performances, installations and films.

This practice produces, beside the various actions, operations, inquiries and private performances, thematic sets of documents, notes, sketches, videos, drawings, assemblages, pictures, signs and left-over materials. Such items, fragments and remains, collected during a long-term work process, are finally grouped and edited in archive forms.

"Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli is unlike any other artist of his generation. Decidedly at odds with the well-mannered, highly-codified mode of production that tends to dominate a good deal of contemporary art, the work of Tribbioli occupies a very unique, if perilous place in the current moment. Not only is the unorthodox thinking behind his practice potentially dangerous, he is one of the most disciplined and hardworking artists I have met in years. Having studied philosophy and possessing no formal training in Tribbioli is something of an anomaly, insofar as they just don’t make them like this any more. Perhaps the best way to describe what he does is to borrow Harald Szeemann’s term: individual mythology." 
- from Chris Sharp, The Registry of Promise 2015

"Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli is a researcher, cataloguer, narrator. Author of new mythologies, the outline of which springs from a combination of historical cues, explorations of the contemporary, individual experiences and attraction to the symbolic, the artist projects the spectator into a-temporal, unknown dimensions."
- from Ilaria Gianni, MACRO 2012