Clara Brörmann

Clara Brörmann‘s work offers the beholder a chance to trace the paintings’ process of formation. She uses oil paints and adhesive tape on her canvases; in intermediate steps, the support is rubbed, washed off or sanded several times. So during the genesis of the painting the materiality of the various layers is foregrounded, and the result is a temporally condensed work. The artist plays with the beholder’s natural thirst for knowledge and offers in her works insights into the intellectual and practical process of visual creation. She sketches and rejects, layers and removes, until she has created a unity of color, form and material.

By layering and destroying geometric and graphic forms, in her canvases Clara Brörmann constructs an equilibrium between consistent composition and destructive gesture: earlier stages of the painting come to the surface, making possible for new shapes to emerge. The artist, by drawing lines across vibrating colour fields, brings along some order and through a process of continuous conversation with the canvas, reveals an unexpected, narrative structure which emerges from the formal composition.

In her work, Brörmann has always been moved by painting’s ability to embody the artist’s physical and mental energy and communicate it to the viewer. 



Arte In Nuvola


Clara Broermann | Anatomy of Colour