Italo Zuffi

Italo Zuffi (born 1969 in Imola, Italy; lives in Milan) is a visual artist mainly working with sculpture, performance, and writing.

The thematic cores expressed in his works are space/architecture; competition (as the relationship between centres of power and the individual body); trembling (in works that declare conditions related to uncertainty, defect, fragility and distance); and rustic faith. 

He is lecturer in Sculpture Techniques at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan.


"Through his works [Zuffi]: a) explores states of vulnerability; b) expresses the prudence of a person in a hostile environment where he makes use of his gaze as a window on the world, and the inner experience as a change of state, collapse, or combustion." 

Chiara Chelotti, 1999


“Zuffi’s toward is more like an impulse that varies from work to work, moment to moment, and in the end we can sense that its destination is inessential. By this I mean that we could reach the destination, but nothing would change: it would merely be the starting point for a new beginning. At best we would have ascertained something, rather than attained any absolute, definitive certainty. There is no total design, just an indefinite series of “stanzas” – in the sense of rooms or of verses – each of which protrudes and opens outward, and what counts is the protrusion itself, the opening itself, the fit into which it is inserted, the air that flows in.”

Pier Luigi Tazzi, 2003