Back again from 7 to 10 September 2023 Panorama is the cultural project that ITALICS annually dedicates to some of the most extraordinary locations in our country. ITALICS chose L’Aquila for the third edition of Panorama and invited Cristiana Perrella – curator and art critic – to conceive a multi-site exhibition for the Abruzzo capital.

The focus in the new edition of Panorama, curated by Cristiana Perrella, will be on L’Aquila’s vast historical heritage – with its medieval stratum reflected in the city walls, its Renaissance stratum recognizable in numerous palaces and churches, its Baroque and then Neoclassical stratum related to 18th-century reconstructions – in part still damaged by the last earthquake and in part rebuilt and restored to their original splendor. The venues of Panorama L’Aquila will not be simple “containers” of works but generators of content per se, making the multi-site exhibition unique, and benefiting from the fertile relationship with the cultural fabric of the city and its long tradition.

The exhibition project by Cristiana Perrella for Panorama L’Aquila grew from the suggestion of the evocative term wit(h)nessing, coined by feminist theorist, artist and psychoanalyst Bracha Ettinger with the aim of extending the concept of witnessing, understood both as an affirmation of one’s knowledge and as passing on a story.

On the occasion of Panorama / L'Aquila, Stefania Carlotti has decided to transform the Sound Garden record store into an immersive installation.

Spring Sunset is a digital reproduction of the sky’s color change during a spring sunset that is stuck in an infinite loop. The chromatic transition, from blue, to orange, to red, to purple when it reaches the moment of the blue of the night, starts again with the blue of the beginning, creating a never-ending day situation.

The video is projected into space as the reflection of natural light on the walls entering through a hypothetical window, while the artist's music selection spreads throughout the environment.

On the store’s walls, a series of posters announce the concert "The last night of a Country song" that will never take place. The event is planned for the evening, but maybe because time stops just before inside that store, it will never happen.

Panorama L'Aquila