Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition, is the biennal trade fair that, between technology and poetry, architecture and design, is a source of inspiration par excellence, with the design dimension at its heart. 

Patrick Tuttofuoco presents Space Time (Honolulu), 2019: the lightning is not represented in its intrinsic fleetingness, but as if captured. It is the representation of pure energy. It is an instant dilated to infinity. This work opens to a new, more fluid idea of time. In this regard, Tuttofuoco points out that “in recent years, scientists, particularly in the field of quantum physics, have been theorising that time, in its physical dimension, the variable t in the equations, no longer exists, it is destroyed. Or rather, it is so divided, so chaotic, so parcelled out even in its functions that it seems no longer to make any sense. But while physical time is as if imploded, it remains, together with space, the main reference of the human condition, of our existence in the world.

Euroluce 2023. The city of lights. Curated by Beppe Finessi. Ph. Diego Ravier

Euroluce, Patrick Tuttofuoco