Curated by Antonella Soldaini

The permanent works created by Alicja Kwade, David Tremlett and Patrick Tuttofuoco for Ghizzano, a hamlet in the municipality of Peccioli (Pisa), fall within the framework of a cultural strategy that was put in place at the end of the 1990s and is still being pursued today.

The event, curated by Antonella Soldaini, is the fruit of a collaboration between the municipality of Peccioli, the Fondazione Peccioli per l’Arte and Belvedere SPA. The driving force behind the project is the mayor of Peccioli, Renzo Macelloni, who has embarked, along with the community he represents, on a tenacious programme centred on contemporary art that has opened up the area to specific interventions involving artists and curators. In keeping with this approach, Alicja Kwade (born in Poland in 1979, lives and works in Berlin), David Tremlett (born in England in 1945, lives and works in London) and Patrick Tuttofuoco (born in Italy in 1974, lives and works in Milan) have been asked to conceive works specifically for Ghizzano.

Patrick Tuttofuoco | Elevatio Corpus