Qui, dove ci incontriamo is a project conceived by Tiziana di Caro, Norma Mangione, Federica Schiavo and Chiara Zoppelli where interrelation and mutuality ideals are pivotal. It develops into three exhibitions held between January and March where each gallery hosts and is hosted by the other two.

In John Berger’s collection of short stories Qui, dove ci incontriamo [Here is Where We Meet], a journey to different cities becomes a pretext to move freely through time and space, imagination and memory. Likewise, the project originates from encounters and entails moving works, people and ideas from one city to another.

Qui, dove ci incontriamo commences in Turin, at Norma Mangione Gallery, opening on January 15th with an exhibition featuring Shadi Harouni (Hamedan, Iran, 1985) and Jay Heikes (Princeton, U.S., 1975).

The second date is in Milan, at Federica Schiavo Gallery, opening on January 23rd featuring Betty Danon (Istanbul, Turkey, 1927) and Ruth Proctor (England, 1980).

The third show is in Naples, at the Tiziana di Caro Gallery, opening on 26th January with Salvatore Arancio (Catania, Italy, 1974) and Stefanie Popp (Bonn, Germany, 1974).

Qui, dove ci incontriamo