14 - 22 OCTOBER 2023

Mermaids is co-curated with Francesca Anfossi, showcasing the work of 26 artists, all of whom have worked or are working in clay at Rochester Square. Brecknock Primary students will also contribute their drawings of works in the show, made during their visit to Mermaids ahead of the opening.

Mermaids takes its name from the title of the 1990 film starring Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. The film follows the unconventional and sometimes surreal domestic setup of a family who move each time their mother (Cher) ends her current romantic relationship.

​The nomadic, carefree and unorthodox structure of family life cultivated by Cher’s character led to questions we hope the exhibition will explore. How might a creature who is somewhere between a fish and human interact with functional items that furnish a domestic space. How will they be used, interpreted or repurposed through an interaction ignorant of their intended use.

​This idea of the in between: in between land and sea, human and fish, function and dysfunction, domestic and exterior, seductress and serpent, are all themes we hope artists will touch upon within their work.

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