Simone Berti

“My work is inspired by the faith that I have towards uncertainty, the doubtful condition as an instrument of knowledge.” 
Simone Berti

“Berti has brought a small italian town sensibility and different way of looking at things, linguistic models and visual and human imagery that is saturated in a popular culture embodied in bodies alien to any homogenization. Narrative models such as the fable, the nursery rhyme, the legend, have been put back into circulation – with the potential critical goal – of creating a “protected” space for difference inside of the fast-moving flux of modernity; to make them stories that stand as alternatives to mainstream ones. Through forms of folk tales these artists convey situations of symbolic, mythical nuclei, which seem to inhabit an “immemorial” time, unbound by the limitations of chronological time: the circular time of eternal return as opposed to the linear one of progress.”
Luca Cerizza 

“Simone Berti is an atypical painter. He has always seen painting not as a two-dimensional surface but as an object. A floating pictorial object that escapes the attributes that we usually associate with that language. Simone lives in a world where everything is suspended. Traveling inside his universe it happens to observe a vegetable garden on the springs, admire swordfish resting on structures that look like a cross between a display by Franco Albini and a Standa dispenser, seeing telescopes supported by tripods with skis, dwelling on stilts in the shape of teeth, jumping from human catapults or shaping light with your hands. Nothing seems to be resting on the ground even if many of his works smell of earth, roots, moss. Trees are Simone's obsession. He painted them in every declination and deformation.”
Luca Lo Pinto



Artefiera 2024


Simone Berti, Utitled, 2023