Svenja Deininger

The works of Svenja Deininger combine elements of a visual thought that develops between object memories and formal intuitions. Colours filter through the background of overlapping pictorial layers, between geometric segments and more softly abstract modular planes that flow together to create unprecedented spaces on the final surface, between thicknesses and volumes, voids and solids. However, this processual characteristic of the painting is not the result of previously elaborated planning, but a pattern that is determined in the real time of its manifestation. It is a register of movements that proceed between real and mental scenarios, evolving urban contexts and undefined morphologies, juxtaposing the fluid planes of lived experience with the immateriality of the imagination. 

It is important to me that the painting can be seen as a process, when an old image surfaces like a collage, and one often cannot tell which layer is on top and which on the bottom. This is why shapes of frames often appear, and white areas suggesting light sources that usually are the pure base coat. This is how spatiality develops, not as a translation of our physical reality into painting, not as colours forming a symbolic language, but as atmosphere – that’s why they aren’t really abstract paintings.“ – Svenja Deininger


Special projects

Two Thoughts, 2020, Collezione Maramotti, installation view, ph. Andrea Rossetti

The Pattern Room at Collezione Maramotti will be housing Two Thoughts, a solo show by Svenja Deininger that brings together a series of new paintings specifically conceived for this project; they will be in dialogue with four works from the 19